Comic Artist / Filmmaker

Chin Yew



Chin Yew has been making comics since he was a little kid. He has self-published several mini comics and graphic novels. He has also contributed to an anthology called Liquid City published by Image Comics. He is currently working on volume 2 of his magnum opus "I SEE SO MANY BUTTERFLIES". He also works on a daily comic series titled "ARTIST CRISIS" via a crowd-funding platform Patreon, depicting his struggles as a comic artist. You can support him by pledging a dollar per month to make his comic career a full-time job, in exchange he'll send you a comic page per day PLUS downloads to the entire collection of his works.



When Chin Yew is not making comics, he shoot films to make a living. He has directed TV shows, commercials and music videos. He operates his own camera and edits his own films. He is willing to travel and open to any film collaboration projects.